Just Go: Camino for Everyone

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If the Camino calls you – even if you have doubts and fears – you are not alone. The book Just Go addresses all of you who lack just a tiny bit of determination or courage to take your first step on the pilgrimage trail. It sweeps away the excuses that often simply mask fears of the unknown and doubts in your own capabilities. It answers all the whys and hows, and offers solution to problems even before they appear. The second part of Just Go is a travelogue describing my experiences on the southern part of the Portuguese Camino. The index that comes with the book will come in handy for all new pilgrims: it is a condensed checklist of all the items that should be tucked in your backpack before you set off.

Translation: Erica Johnson Debeljak


“On the Camino trail, nothing is known, nothing certain, nothing predictable or planned. Here nothing is right and nothing is wrong. There are only moments, strung on the necklace of the day. Each of these moments are unique, unrepeatable, born out of ever changing circumstances. During the time in my life when my family was totally turned upside down, I found safety on the Camino. I found my home in the freedom of walking. Here we are all just people. Without status or titles, without degrees or careers, without identities or masks. Here we are all little school children, modest and grateful. We are all homeless, covering ourselves with the blanket of the starry sky. And we become a sort of family. “

»I first heard about the Camino somewhere at the beginning of the 2000s. Interesting, I thought, but not for me. I like speed, tempo, company. When I suffered from burnout two years later, I started to think differently about slowness and solitude, and my heart began to hanker for this trip. But, hey, I don’t speak Spanish or Portuguese. I don’t know if I would really be able to walk the whole way. And to walk alone. Ugh! And now I have Eva’s book in front of me. She not only offers a style of writing that pulled me from page to page, but her story actually convinced me. Convinced me so much that I might buy airline tickets today and hit the road.«
- Saša Gerčar
»I have known Eva for about ten years. We don’t write to each other very often, and see and talk to each other even less. But we feel each other. Eva speaks my language and writes my thoughts. I follow her along the paths that she unselfishly paves, showing me the shortcuts to enormous knowledge in the form of short and clear journal entries. I read slowly and with pleasure so I don’t finish too quickly. What I read liberates me. I particularly admire her wonderful writing style and sense of humour that permeates even the most serious moments. Eva is my yellow arrow into a world that offers a thousand paths – but where only one is truly ours.«
- Jasna Langerholc
»I meant to contact you but I was moving without a moving service and I didn’t have time. Then I said to myself that I will read just a little of what you sent me. But I gobbled down Just Go and Camino Portugues in one gulp. I felt in my reading a powerful sense of your experience and heard your cry: ‘I’m alive!’ and that to encourage others to live as well. The Camino is obviously a magical experience that transforms everyday urban-dwellers into youthful vivid people who are hungry for life – like Ronia in the story by Astrid Lindgren. And this opens your heart forever – that is a kind of magic that is very rare today.«
- Bojan Straže
»Just go – there are many of us who need to do exactly that. The personal experiences of pilgrims on the Camino speak to us and now there really are no more excuses. For me personally, all of your practical advice was extremely helpful and welcome. And then the daily travel journals. They captivated me and many others judging by the responses on Facebook. Your personality, sincerity, competence, vision, and perceptions shine through, but what stands out most – and very few know how to do this – is how your express yourself, your use of words. From an ordinary day, you create a pearl of exceptional beauty.«
- Marinka Kenk Tomazin
»Eva, really, you are a master of stringing words together … into a beautiful necklace! If your words were gems, Swarovski would go out of business because they could never compete with you! I believe in each single word and each sentence … just not the idea that at a certain point a person can actually enjoy wearing a heavy rucksack on their back, 😉 Eva, congratulations and a deep bow to you! So skilfully written! Very few people can put life so beautifully into words. Bravo, and I wish the book a great bon voyage!«
- Katarina Bergant
»Dear Eva, you are truly a master of words, and such a pleasure to read! I most like your personal experience of walking on the Camino and was pleasantly surprised by the lists and instructions about how to prepare for the pilgrim experience. I believe that this book will help many people gather the courage to go on this adventure. Bravo, Eva, you are an inspiration and your writing was a great comfort to me during these days!«
- Tina Ananda
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Just Go: Camino for Everyone
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